02 October 2012

the path that i have taken

In the name of Allah the gracious the merciful

the journey had started from 2006
when i first registered to join PKBM (L)
i asked my brother about my decision and he only said,

"a journey of thousand miles begin with one small step''

i dont get him when he said that to me.

so, this is my first step, which i dont expect it will be a journey of my life.
padang sasar kd sultan ismail (pularek)

1st marching comp (district). #we won.

up untill my fifth year at secondary school,  
i thought it gonna be the last time
i would wear that 'uniform'.

but as my brother said, it is the starting of my journey.
later, i pursue to usm.
and suddenly i make up a decision to join ROTU.
im not even pay attention during the promotion by seniors.
all i did was, enter the DK J (if im not mistaken)
fill up the form, measure height and weight.
undergo the UKA

on malam mesra for new intake

its been 3 years of training
 after all sweat, blood, tears
 it was 17 july 2012, at square parade
of universiti utara malaysia
when temenggung kedah offically annouced us as 
Young Officer
only Allah knows how it feel..

commission day



is it the end of journey
the beginning of new journey

for me, it is the end for the 1st path, it like we had came to the 1st checkpoint.
there are lots awaiting for us in next path

after this 1st checkpoint, come with me to the next path are


which i will carry out with honest, loyalty, courage and pride.

the journey will never end as long we still alive
i had learn a lots during this first path
and i pray hard that the next path
will teach me a lot more

this is the path that i have taken
the choice that i have chosen

insyaAllah, god will, may Allah ease everything that i do
and let me contribute something while
being in journey to jannah, insyaAllah.

because i believe that

''we are not put on this Earth for ourselves..but are placed here for each other''



Syafiq Salim said...

wah kacaknya gambar last... nk berkenalan... <3