16 October 2012

me n u

I often wonder what

made us fall in love
with each other
We are so different
from each other
Our strengths
and weaknesses
are so different
Our ways
of approaching things
are so different
Our personalities
are so different
Yet our love
continues to grow and grow
Perhaps the differences
we have add to the
excitement of our relationship
and I know that both of us
as a team are stronger
than either of us alone
We are basically different from
each other
but we have so many
feelings and emotions in common
And it really doesn't matter
why we fell
in love
All that matters to me
is that we continue
to respect and love
each other

ok, aku lagi gagah/macho/kacak/bergaya.haha..
#aku bukan perempuan ayu#

we both aware the differences between us, and we agreed to accept it, bcause nothing wrong with it, we used to it. the differences make us enjoying this relationship. i accept the way he is, and he accept the way i are..he is the one who attract my attention at the first sight. i know i can't say he is the one for me as we dont know about 'jodoh' right. but i can say he is the one who stay with me no matter what and never leave me alone. he is the one who know me exactly who am i. he is the one, i feel ease with, he is the one who always with me through thick or thin. he is the one who make me believe myself. he is the one who make me feel 'someone'. he is the one who make me feel secured.

 we have nothing in common except one:


derp, y u are more 'ayu' than me..