25 June 2012

the best lesson learned

where ending line seem closer.
i hope i had done the best for all.
for myself also.
from these i learn so many thing.
how leadership, co-operation, pain, sorrow
victory, love, friendship,
loyal, faith, trust
lies on the line.
responsibility cant be define
its come when you realize people
are depending on you.
a good leader is a good follower.
path taken, journey almost towards the end
and i take from it all i possibly can.
achievement is not what i want.
lesson is what i yearn for.
make me stronger
make me wiser
make me better
make me become a person 
who i am now.
and i'm grateful, thanks Allah for giving this opportunity
to learn something 
lesson that i will never learned from class 
or read from books. 
but be taught in special way.