25 June 2012

the best lesson learned

where ending line seem closer.
i hope i had done the best for all.
for myself also.
from these i learn so many thing.
how leadership, co-operation, pain, sorrow
victory, love, friendship,
loyal, faith, trust
lies on the line.
responsibility cant be define
its come when you realize people
are depending on you.
a good leader is a good follower.
path taken, journey almost towards the end
and i take from it all i possibly can.
achievement is not what i want.
lesson is what i yearn for.
make me stronger
make me wiser
make me better
make me become a person 
who i am now.
and i'm grateful, thanks Allah for giving this opportunity
to learn something 
lesson that i will never learned from class 
or read from books. 
but be taught in special way.

dream ---> reality # NO 2

my second project, my last project before i get commission. also one of my wishlist.
an extreme water sport.  its great. i love this white water rafting. special thanks for those who really put an effort to make this project  real.
here we are:



when i turn dream into reality

during national services training, we had session where we need to list down all our dream and make a poster of it. i still have that poster in my treasure box at home. so far i had 3 so-called treasure box:

1. Box of STF
2. Box of Kem Asahan
3. Box of KMJ

These 3 boxes contain all the memorable things that i had during every stage of my life. i like keeping those things even its more look like rubbish somehow it have its own sentimental value. okay enough for those boxes, what im going to write is about dream. about all my wishlist. so far i had 40++ wishlist needed to be accomplish. this list gonna be added up by times.
2012 is the year where i think i really work out to achieve what i want to accomplish.
the biggest thing ever done by me this year is by organizing a project to Broga Hill. it really what i deadly want to do. speaking of it, i plan to hike Broga Hill since my first year of degree. but there are lots of things that i should consider. i know my parents wont allowed me to do so by myself.
so during my third year time, i plan this 'dream' to be one of Palapes activity. not even i can fulfill my wishlist, i also can bring all my friend there. i spend time, energy, dealing with outbac people, try to find the best consultant to hike Broga Hill.
WHY Broga Hill?? i just love the scenery,i once accidentally browsing some picture and found this hill which people keep talking about the beautiful view it have. so after gone through all the paperwork, group insurance, transport. here i am, at the first peak of Broga Hill.

i cant describe what i really feel when i first saw Broga hill. KEPUASAN. thats it. thats what i feel when i turn my 'dream' into reality. and i not alone, i brought 70+ people to fulfill my dream. its double joyfulness when see they enjoy themselves with my first project.
Plus, this Broga shirt is also my choice, i just love the design. this is my sweetest memories ever.


soal hati itu rumit

why girls would choose the one who always 
make she cry rather than the one who always cheering her up?
 many korean love story
the girl will end up loving the one who always yell at her. 
the man who is so egoism, 
full of hatred and 
always make people around him annoyed by his behaviour. 
the man who always want to win and hard to apologize.
 eventhough everyone hate that man damn much, 
 the girl still stick to him.
 personally, when both of them are alone,
 that man treat this girl so nicely. 
only she know how the man is exactly. 
he might be harsh but he is honest. 
he never lie about his feeling. 
he shows his anger so that he wont be a pretender. 
his word might hurt people but what he said is the truth. 
he just so simple and open minded. 
he doesnt like those unnecessary things. 
he just do whatever he think was right. 
sometimes he also cry over a simple thing. 
he just a normal man with a great heart. 
he loves the girls unconditionally. 
he loves the girl but he do not how to express it. 
he just care too much to his beloved one 
because he do not want something happen to her. 
he loves the girls but he do not know how to comfort his girl.
seem like the girl having such a hard time to endure with that guy.
 eventhough she had someone who can make her smile, 
cheer her up but she can never lie to her heart. 
she just love that man so deeply. 
sometimes she will think that when that man yell at her, 
its the way for he to display his love.
she just so in love with that man and can never love anyone else. 
eventhough her lips will tell lies, but not his heart.
thanx for loving me even more.^_^
 i know u better than anyone else
 and loving you is the best thing i ever done.

24 June 2012

::back to nature::

setelah hampir sebulan menjalani latihan industri dan kerja-kerja sampingan
hujung minggu ni, aku pergi merehatkan tubuh yang semakin lesu 
dan minda yang serabut.

lokasi: Air Terjun Titi Kerawang..