14 May 2011

::flowers of life:: no pain, no gain

there are lots of people out there.everyone has their own points of view..there are people that always thing differently from others.i like people who always have their own perspectives on something, and when they voice it out, it seem like awkward at first, but later on people will realize that their  opinion is the brilliant one. sometimes we may under estimate people. yup, we tend to judge people based on their appearance. meeting up with many people at different age, status and life style may helped us to think wiser.

life is something beautiful that we cannot miss it out. every second in our life may lead us into new experience. at first you may found it difficult, the feel of uneasy may interrupt you. it is a usual thing, when you try to do something new in your life, there are things that you should face it. life is not easy, it challenging, that make life interesting. we never know what will happen in future, even in next second in our life. everything seem to be mystery.i always remind myself whenever i wake up in the morn that today is the day where i will learn new things. whatever happen today is something that i should learn from it. anything that we never expect to happen will happen eventually. yet we always plan to do something good in life. someone had said this to me: if you cant be a successful person, you can work hard to be nice and good one. being nice or good is not a natural attitude for me, it something that we should work on it, because we always have choice before doing something. we can choose whether to do it or not. its is in our hand. therefore always be good is my intention everyday. but somehow i may slipped off and run of the track. people may make mistakes,but we always can fix it. we have choice to do so.life comes with package. i have to agree with that because life comes with challenge, happiness, sorrow, difficulties and tests. life is so beautiful. let ourself fall in to the darkness, but never lose hope to find the light. even though the light may be at the endless point, but never give up, we never realizes that through out the journey to seek for the light, we have learn many things. and when we get the light, never forget the dark path you have gone through.
no pain, no gain..

::when we see no 1, people may see it as number but only certain will see it as victory::


nasyrah azman said...

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