05 April 2011

janji Tuhan itu pasti...

as time goes..
finally i could see how karma does it work..
as a Muslim..
praise to Allah..
for all thing that He ever done...
it almost a year..
that worst thing ever happen to my life...
looking back at those memories..
i wish that i could turn back the time..
and trying to erase those thing...
but without i realize..
without facing those thing..
i cant be the way i am rite now..
its not i'm am good now..
but i think i become better person..
thanks to all my friend who sticks to me..
during that time..
thanks to my beloved..
who always borrow his ears and time..
just to be with me..
hear my sadness and my tears..

back to my title of this entry..
i love to change the font colour..
so that i noe that everything is ok rite now..
everything become better..
friend is someone who always remind us to be strong..
who not only tell us their problem..
but will feel our problems too..
without even ask us why..
at last..
after what i had faced before...
finally the truth is reveal..
she is not a good friend..
can i say so..
its not i said that..but someone had told me..
if only she know what she had did to me..
she must accept whatever she undergo rite now..
sound like i want to get revenge...
but it is not like that..
most important things i want to say is...
be patience..
dont get revenge..
we can pray and be patient..
lets Allah do His job..
obviously He did well..
hope she will learn her lesson..
and please dont do again to anybody else..
its DAMN HURT...