19 April 2011

final exam fever...

finals got me stressed?? i guess nope..it make me sleep even more and more. since i cant get all the things in my empty brain. i guess the more i go through things, the more i found myself clueless. what  are the  exactly things that i had learned throughout this semester?? even though i only take 3 paper on physics and 1 paper for Japanese language. i found that i really burden me a lot. all 3 subjects, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and mathematical methods really kills me. they related to each others. yet i still LOVE physics.i really want to be an engineer. i started to dream BIG again and i really have to work towards it. no one can say i cant. if that things is the best for me. i will achieved it with GOD will. 22nd, 26th, and 28th..cant wait to finish all this physics things..but really hope everything will going fine. dont expect too much increment, just hoping not to fail any paper. so that all my plan can goes well.as my mum say 'orang yang berusaha, takkan gagal', so i want to push harder to this becoming  exam. want to break both legs. wish me luck everyone..gambatte ne ^_^.