15 February 2011

cord liver oil~~

people tend to ignore the habit of taking multivitamins and others supplements..
actually, its good for us to take supplements..
bcause we didnt get sufficient nutrient in our daily meals..
for those who didnt eat veges and fruits..you all really need to take supplement..
so, do u ever heard of cord liver oil..
ada banyak kebaikan if u all consumed minyak ni..
for me..i start to consume this oil since i was 16..
then. the obvious effect that my growth increase rapidly..
my height increase la..
then Alhamdulillah..i jarang dapat common disease like fever, flu, cough..
sbb this oil actually increase our immune and metabolisme too..
so..i encourage u all take la ape2 supplement..
for ur own benefits gak..
take care of urself kay..

this is the one that i consumed now..
the price pon affordable la..

also available inn capsules and liquid form..

the one i used to consumed..
my family also consumed this one..
this one untuk org dewasa..
but u want yang kanak2 pon ade..scott emulsion perisa oren..sdap~~~

i prefer capsules rather than liquid form..
easy to consume..