10 January 2011

what ever u said..

lately..i found that everything that
we ever said always stick back to us..
there are people out there that always
think they are smart and good..
and always think others are wrong..
whatever others do..
they will talk and hate it..
without realizing that they might even do the same
sometimes i become annoyed by this people..
we are perfect..
accept everyone as they are...
i wish i can tell her to stop critic others..
she also doing the same things that others do..
even more worse..
she not experience it..
but always act so cool..
i hate this feeling..
i noe it is not good..
but i can help from feel annoyed by her..
she is not perfect..
but always act so damn freaking cool...
i just hate it..
but please..
i want to varnish this feeling..
she is born to be like that..
urghhh...feeling sick for facing her every single day...