04 January 2011


i donated my blood..
during free time..
but this time it make feel a bit 
dizzy after doing it..
maybe im tired..
i love the things i do this time around..
i really enjoy it..
i can see there are so much out there..
that i can do..
life is too beautiful to be wasted..
today this quote came cross my mind...

no one can whistle a symphony. it takes an orchestra to play it..

that true right...
to deliver a good and harmony orchestra..
each and every single of musician should their part accordingly...

there are time we need others help..
there are time we cant do things by own..
there are time where we cant find the solutions..
we depend on each other..
that  not mean that we are weak..
sometimes thing will be better if we do it together..right..

so i remind myself and also everyone out there to always lend
ur hands to help others,,
share things in life..
and you will be happier..