03 January 2011

ladies guest night..

after all..
this LGN things still linger on my mind..
this LGN has becomes my problem..
make my mind blowing..
rm14o to pay for that night..
together with patner's fee..
i dont want to attend this functions..
but if i decide to do so..
i have to meet that kilau to explain..
and maybe have to submit a letter on it..
yesterday was the day..
all my friend already bought their dresses..
everyone getting excited to attend that function...
but i dont have any clothes to wear..
but me..
i dont know..
if my hunny be my partner,,
i will be happy..
but i know..
i must realize how much he dislike to attend such function..
im in dilemma..
i dont know what to do..
i just hope..
that day will not come..