03 January 2011

.....how a friend differ from lover...

aku sendiri tak tahu nak tules apa tajuk paling sesuai untuk entry ni..
it is the best way to say after make such a mistakes..
i know i have done something that make you angry...
i know how much you hate..
when i hang out with my friends till late..
what to do..
they are my friends..
even though you dislike them..
they are the one..
who i could lean on..
the one who i share my sadness..
my happiness..
my sorrow..
my secret..
the one who i share laugh with..
even though jokes on silly things..
the one i seek for help..
whenever i got emergency..
no matter how much you dont like themm..
at the end of the day..
they still my friend..
but u must know how a friend differ from lover...
lover..you are my future..
the one i will share my life with..
the one i want to build my life with..
the one who will be mine companion..
the one who i love the most..


i must admit that now..
during this time around..
you cant always with me..
you are far away from me..
distance have separate our body..
but not our souls..
you cant be there all the times...
you can see how i live my life here..
that how friends play their role..
we are supporting each other,
in different terms from lover...

i dont want to make things more complicated..
since we know this sem..
we gonna to study even more harder...
i just hope..
we can understand each other..
giving patner times and space..
because at the end..
we will be together..
to spend our old days together..

i really miss you hunny..