15 January 2011

bring me to the heart~~

SIAP~~siap is the program organise by our university to help student who are in prohibition status..we have to compete about 7 modules in order to fulfill the program..
the program was conducted by my school..
with 3 mentors incharge in every modules..
but i think it not so effective...
school of physics are organizing a program for P1 student..
even though there only some people who join it..
i feel that the program this good..
in other word..beneficial for us..
i love the way prof roslan give us motivation on how to get back..
to stand up straight in other to pursue our studies..
there also special person who are invited to share his experience
during his day..
he once had been expelled from the university and also a bad student..
he always playing truant.. 
he got barred from examination..and
also fail almost the subject..
but..at the end..
he manage to survive..
he had his hard time..
and now he is pursuing his studies in master level in unisza..
i like the quote that he gave us..

we are only given one opportunity..one life..grab it... 

life isn't long...
what i have to do right now is CHANGE..
change my attitude..
change my aim..
change my habit..
and i know i can do it...
GOD will..